The titans of the smartphone industry have released their best for 2017. For many of us a smartphone is our main daily and sometimes the only camera, so I wanted to learn and share with you how Samsung Galaxy Note 8, Google Pixel 2 XL and Apple iPhone X compare.

In this video:
00:32 Intro and hardware
02:58 Field of view
03:09 Colors
03:25 Details
03:40 Dynamic range
03:56 Low Light
04:27 Front facing camera
04:58 Telephoto lens
05:19 Portrait mode
05:56 Front facing camera portrait mode
06:09 4k video
06:34 4k video in low light
06:54 Slomo
07:14 Sound and Stabilization (rear camera)
08:34 Sound and Stabilization (front camera)
08:56 Conclusion

  • Field of view
  • Color
  • Details
  • Dynamic range
  • Low light inside
  • Low light street
  • Sunset
  • Front facing camera
  • Front facing camera in low light
  • Telephoto lens
  • Portrait mode with rear camera
  • Portrait mode with rear camera object
  • Portrait mode with front facing camera
  • Additional